HSM 4- It's Our Time

The Julliard Years

HSM4- It's Our Time Now RP-The Julliard Years
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An HSM Role Play based off of the adventures of a group of Julliard students
Ever wondered what ever happened to our favorite hat-wearing friends once they were accepted into the prestigious school of performing arts? Well look no further as we explore all the adventures of Ryan, Kelsi and their new-found friends as they begin to experience all the trials and tribulations that come their way while trying to achieve their goals for stardom. Will they make it, or fall flat on their faces? Join us in this Role Play to find out.

Note-Since this Role Play is basically centered around the students at Julliard, most of the other wildcats in the movies will be playing a minor role in this, but our always welcome to join us, if they would like. I’m also be looking for some OC's to play the roles of their classmates and friends. So please fill out this application if interested.