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jazz_squares_ry in hsm4_itsourtime

The Rules

Since I liked the rules for a pervious Role Play I was in, I decided to borrowing their rules
1.) You have to make a separate journal for you character, and please make sure that you put either public or private in your characters journal entry, that way if the entry is private you can still read it but your character has to pretend they didn't read it. Please make your username something interesting about the character, not just their name. All posts in a character's personal journal OR in the community hsm4_itsourtime should be friends/member-locked. This is deemed a punishable offense! Furthermore, when choosing userpics/icons for your character's journal, please make certain that you give credit to the creator of the icon. This is done out of respect. Would you want someone taking credit for an icon you created?

2.) Respect everyone in the community.

3.)Please keep the RPs at a G to R rating please. No NC17 or overly explict content aloud.

4.) No use of foul language unless used in context as a character.

5.) No GODMODDING! If you have an idea for a character, talk to that person personally, and they may or may not use your idea. Otherwise, stick to your own character.

6.) Keep all drama IC. We encourage drama in this community, it is part of what keeps our game fun and alive! However, OOC drama tends to kill RPs. If there is an issue between yourself and another player, contact one of the mods to have it resolved as quickly and easily as possible. If this becomes a drama pool, action will be taken. Furthermore, for IC drama, anything that could have an affect on multiple characters or is controversial (pregnancy, rape, suicide, etc.) should be cleared through the me before carrying them out. When approaching them, please have a basic idea of the timeline and outcome of the plot.

7.) When Role Playing, try to follow some basic outlines. We RP 1st person style in journal comments/entries. 3rd person style, or storybook, is saved for Community Threads. If you have questions on our RP styles, please contact a me, I’ll be happy to explain! Furthermore, please refrain from recommending/changing the comment you have already written. While the occasional mishap is understood and needs to be corrected, usually the other person can figure out what you meant. Furthermore, if you don't receive a comment from someone, do not recomment them. It is common courtesy and considered annoying when something came up. If it is essential to your character's storyline to finish the thread, please contact the player via IM or e-mail. We will be watching this as closely as possible.

8.) Activity will be judged based on journal entries. Please try to post once every two weeks in your character's personal LJ. The less you post in the personal LJ, the more active you need to be in third person community posts and comments on other character's LJs. Once every two weeks is a minimum requirement. More often is recommended as it's always nice to know what's happening in a character's life!

9.) And most of all have fun!


I've read them :)
I have read these rules...
Great, since I know that you are new to this if you have an addition questions feel free to send me a message.
One little question.. It might sound a little silly but where exactly is the RP
What do you mean, like what is it about, or what the main page is.
Here is the main page
And it is basically about Ryan, Kelsi and their new friends at Julliard. I hope this helps.
I hadn't found that page yet... Thanks for that..