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subtle smirk

small_playmaker in hsm4_itsourtime

A hard day's night

 Who:Kelsi and Ryan
Where:Lava springs
When: On break, after shopping

Kelsi sighed in a mixture of exhaustion and relief as she collapsed on the bed of the room she and Ryan shared; fully prepared to sleep for the rest of her entire life. Her mind was a mess with so many thoughts scattering around her brain; but none of them seemed important as she closed her eyes; her hat still placed, now rather precariously on her head. Her glasses were strewn beside her and slowly she herself succumb to sleep.


"What" She replied blinking and trying to focus on the blurry path ahead of her. She couldn't see the best without her glasses, she bit her lip trying to keep from shivering and ignore the cold. "I'm a big girl Ryan, you don't have to come after me." She replied not slowing down
"Come on Kels," he replied, "why are you acting this way?"
"Does't matter" She snapped, still trying to focus on the path before her and avoid shivering. "Just leave me alone."
*is trying not to sound agitated* Yes it does matter, and do you know why?
"Why?" I asked turning to face him with a bitter sarcastic tone
Because I love you. Even when you are being obeisant like right now.