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subtle smirk

small_playmaker in hsm4_itsourtime

A hard day's night

 Who:Kelsi and Ryan
Where:Lava springs
When: On break, after shopping

Kelsi sighed in a mixture of exhaustion and relief as she collapsed on the bed of the room she and Ryan shared; fully prepared to sleep for the rest of her entire life. Her mind was a mess with so many thoughts scattering around her brain; but none of them seemed important as she closed her eyes; her hat still placed, now rather precariously on her head. Her glasses were strewn beside her and slowly she herself succumb to sleep.


"I'm fine" She replied with a yawn, "Just tired."
Ryan gave her a look that said that he wasn't fully convinced. Giving her a small kiss, he held her gently.
"I'm fine" I reassured him with a yawn, "I know i've been sick lately; but i'm better.." I said snuggling into his embrace, "I love you" I murmured turning so my head could rest against his chest and closing my eyes.
I really do love her, Ryan thought to himself as he felt the warmth Kelsi's body pressed against his own body and how natual it felt to him. "I wonder what she would think of the ring I bought her," he thought as he watched her doze off.
Kelsi murmured slightly in her sleep, '"I love you." Was the small mile that escaped her lips.
Ryan smiled as he gently caressed her." I love you too," he replied, "sweet dreams my playmaking princess."
Kelsi yawned stretching as the sun streamed through the windows; but all was gentle almost..it kind of reminded her of shakesphere's sonnets was about waking up.
"Morning," he replied as he gave Kelsi a good morning kiss. "Did you sleep well?"