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subtle smirk

small_playmaker in hsm4_itsourtime

A hard day's night

 Who:Kelsi and Ryan
Where:Lava springs
When: On break, after shopping

Kelsi sighed in a mixture of exhaustion and relief as she collapsed on the bed of the room she and Ryan shared; fully prepared to sleep for the rest of her entire life. Her mind was a mess with so many thoughts scattering around her brain; but none of them seemed important as she closed her eyes; her hat still placed, now rather precariously on her head. Her glasses were strewn beside her and slowly she herself succumb to sleep.


Ryan climbed into bed with Kelsi. "So," he joked, "how did shopping with my lovely sister go?"
"Mhhppmmhh" She mumbled from the pillow, and then lifted it from over her face, "You really have to ask?" She replied flatly casting a look at him.
Ryan chuckled at his best friend/lover, "that bad huh," he replied, "believe me I know, after 18 years of being dragged around various stores with my sister, I would say that I can completely sympathize with you.
"I'm tired." She said almost pathetically; closing her eyes.
"I know what you mean," he replied as he massaged her back. "Shar drains me out too."
"Not just Shar." She murmured, leaning into his touch, with a slight moan of satisfaction.
"What do you mean," he asked with concern. "Are you still feeling sick," fearing clearly shown in his voice as he thought about how ill Kelsi has been lately.
"Well," She said turning to face him, although without her glasses it was still a little unclear. "I slept in the most wonderful man's arms last night." She replied with a smile and a sparkle in the eye
"Oh is that so," Ryan teased with a twinkle in his eye back. "Well let's just hope he doesn't mind sharing." Giving her a quick kiss, he asked her if she was looking forward to the Christmas party that night.
Just thinking of the party, made her stomach clench, She nodded a small reassuring smile, although inside she was nervous...I mean about the dress and everything.
As if able to read her mind, Ryan squeezed her hand reassuring, "I know how you feel," he replied, "they aren't fun for me either, hopefully my parents won't make us stay the whole time, the thought of being stuck in a room full of rich snobs all night long was making his stomach quench. "I can't wait to see the dress you girls pick," he said,"although knowing Sharpay it is probably not something that you would pick out for yourself though," he added since knowing both girls so well that it was probably the case.
"Oh it's something alright..." She added trailing off and lied back down covering her head with a pillow, as if that of all things would protect her from any more thoughts of the party
Sensing her apprehension Ryan gave her a small smile as he watch her lie on his bed. "Come on," he replied trying his best to come off cheerful, "it won't be that bad," carefully taking the pillow off her head he gave her a kiss. "In fact I bet that no matter what you choose to wear tonight you'll look stunning, as always," he replied in hopes of making her feel better about the whole ordeal.
Kelsi looked at him skeptically; shooting him a look. "I'm tired Ryan" She began slowly, turning her back to him, "And I don't want to think about it." She added making her voice quieter, and took off her glasses, not really bothering to undress.
*throws her hands up in annoyance* Well that's just wonderful; but three little words doesn't solve everything.