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jazz_squares_ry in hsm4_itsourtime

Audition Here

Currently not taking any new characters.

Age: 16 or over please
State or Country & Timezone:
Previous RP Experience: Not required
Other Characters at this Comm:

Since many of our OCs have been female I am only accepting males OCs as of now.
Canon or Original:
Portrayed By: OC's only
Brief Descriptions on Appearances: OC's only
Parents Names:
Siblings Names:
School Name: If different from Julliard
Originally From: OC's only
Character History:
Character Traits:
Relationship With Other Characters:
Any Additional Infomation:

First Person Sample:

Third Person Sample:


Name: Nicolette Edwards
Age: 17
State or Country & Timezone: Virginia, eastern standard time
Previous RP Experience: too much to really record
Other Characters at this Comm: none

Name: Kelsi Neilsen
Canon or Original:Canon
Parents Names: Martha and George Neilsen
Siblings Names:none
School Name:Julliard
Major:Musical theatre and piano insturmental
Character History: Kelsi was a wall flower in highschool and didn't really begin to break out of her shell until the middle of senior year. She's always been the mousey composer and doesn't mind being in the backgorund. She was never a problem child or caused any drama or greif for her parents. She's slowly begining to become more confident and being at Juliard is helping her to realize she might have something special after all.
Character Traits:Shy, quiet, nervous, reserved, slightly more assertive
Relationship With Other Characters: Girlfriend of Ryan?

First Person Sample: 'Kelsi Neilsen.' Wait what?! That's me! "Juliard got my letter?!" I wanted to jump or shout or cry; I couldn't believe they actually wanted to consider me for a scholarship. I was breathless and speechless and felt a little bit like fainting all at the same time.
Third Person Sample:Kelsi looked at him, adjusting her glassess. "I'm not going to prom. I mean I have to rewrite the lyrics, fine tune the harmony of several songs..fix the chords and not to mention get with the pit and decide what they're doing." 'Great then i'll pick you up at seven.' She gaped at him..'did he just say?' she thought her mind running in circles.For once her heart was leaping at a million miles per second..on the other hand she was well...she was a bit afraid.
((I hope that's everything you were looking for))
Accepted, please make livejournal and post it here.

OOC: I am looking forward to RPing with you again.
Name: Nicolette
Age: 17
State or Country & Timezone: Virginia. eastern standard time
AIM: Sorachan07
Previous RP Experience: Not required
Other Characters at this Comm: Kelsi Neilsen

Name: Donnavan Issahah-Edwin Lee
Canon or Original:OrIgInAl
Portrayed By:Me? The celeb is Scott Micheal foster
Brief Descriptions on Appearances: Scott Micheal Foster
Birthday:January 27th
Parents Names: Rosilitia Angelica Lee and Carnagee Edwin Lee
Siblings Names: Casey Tristan Lee
School Name:Julliard
Originally From: Nebraska?
Major:Film Studies and Music composition (double major)
Character History: Donnie hails from Nebraska. He's into music and film and can be considered arrogant and cocky at times;but is really a sweet heart. He's a jock and into running track and basketball; but he's more of an alternative fellow. His father is a rigid bussiness man who is cold and overbearing;but his mother is the PTA president, cookie baking, stay at home house wife. He has a little sister named Cacey who is a senior in high school and he loves and protects her.
Character Traits:Cocky, Arrogant, sweet, intelligent, athletic, brave, caring
Relationship With Other Characters: He develops a lust over Kelsi and soon a friendship. Room mates with Ryan?
Any Additional Infomation: Not really

First Person Sample:
I held the piece of the paper would determine my fate. 4 years of community college or a pristigous acadamey like Julliard...I couldn't open it. "Here Cac." I said, handing her the paper; you do it- I just can't look at it. She eyed me carefully before snatching it from my hands "You're such a baby Cappie!" I cringed at her nickname for me..one she'd given me when she was a kid. "Dear Mr.Lee It is my pleasure to inform you that you've bee"-
Third Person Sample:
Donnie moved his stuff into the room.No one was there yet so he picked a bed..he jumped onto to the loft wondering what his room mate would be like...and then dozed off into a peaceful nap dreaming of his family at home. He missed them...well maybe not his father.
Accepted, and yes they can be roomies.
Name: Lindsey
Age: 19 (yes I’m old)
State or Country & Timezone: Michigan EST
AIM: lfeisfllofdrma57
Yahoo: NA
MSN: makeyourwish@live.com
Email: me.extrodinare12@gmail.com
Previous RP Experience: I’ve been doing this since I was 15 so it’s been awhile
Other Characters at this Comm: None.. but I played Haley at the old HSM rp

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Carson
Canon or Original: Original
Portrayed By: Amanda Bynes
Brief Descriptions on Appearances: http://images.askmen.com/galleries/actress/amanda-bynes/pictures/amanda-bynes-picture-5.jpg
Birthday: November 5
Parents Names: James and Elizabeth Carson
Siblings Names: None she’s an only child
School Name: Julliard
Originally From: Maryland
Major: Dance and Drama/Theatre Arts Double Major
Character History: Sarah has always had three loves, soccer, drama, and dance. She started dancing when she was three mostly doing ballet, jazz and hip hop. Her parents put her into a soccer league when she was fives and they felt it was a good way for her to get her energy out, they never knew that their daughter would be so good at it and have a natural knack for it. She auditioned for a play back in middle school because her friend needed a reassurance that it wasn’t a stupid idea to try out. Sarah loved it. She loved being in musicals so that she could dance and act at the same time, if only there was a way for her to do all three on stage it would be amazing. When she got to high school she was constantly doing something. She was on the varsity soccer team all four years in high school and constantly movein between soccer, dance and drama practice. She didn’t get to have much time to relax but that never really seemed to phast her, she loved what she was going and the rest didn’t’ matter to her. She got several scholarship offers for soccer but when her acceptance letter came from Julliard she knew that is where she needed to be. She would still play soccer on the side but she knew that she could do two of the three would have to work for her. Her parents were always behind her and she always appreciated that. It was going to be hard for her to move to Julliard by herself where she knew no one but she figured it was just another challenge for her.
Character Traits: loud, outgoing, blunt, giggly, determined
Relationship With Other Characters: None as of yet
Any Additional Infomation: YAY for this!

First Person Sample: I cannot believe I’m actually here, I mean I’m actually at Julliard. This is probably one of the greatest times of my life. I get to go after my dreams and hopefully have a blast doing it. I don’t have a roommate yet, but I’m really hoping I get one. I was never informed about who my roomate was but I mean I’ll get one right. Let’s just hope it will be someone I will get along with well and not someeone I don’t know at all. I already have my room made up and my posters hung so the room reminds me of back home a bit. It’s going to be crazy getting used to a hwole new school and place. Classes start soon and I have orientation with all the new freshies come up tonight so maybe I’ll make new friends! Well I’m going to go walk around! Adios!

Third Person Sample: Sarah sighed and ran her hand through her hair. This was so much more different than Maryland it was scaring her. This place was huge, not at all like her hometown at all. She didn’t want to venture into the city because she didn’t know if she was going to make it back in time for oreitntation. She walked out of her room and down the hallway and immediately felt like a left out person. People were talking to each other obviously knowing each other from shows and reciatls they done before. It seemed everyone knew at least someone else. It was razy to her that she didn’t know anyone. She had a feeling that won’t last long since she is a pretty loud person. She went up to a guy sitting in the lounge area and smiled, “Hi I’m Sarah!”
Accepted, please make journal and post it here.

OOC: I'm glad that you have joined us. I hope to start this RP up soon.

Name: Jen
Age: 16
State or Country & Timezone: UK, GMT
AIM: I don't
Yahoo: ihatetests
Email: You'd have to ask me for it in a way not everyone sees
Previous RP Experience: I've had loads over on Fanfictions..
Other Characters at this Comm: None.. For now at least

Name: Savannah Montez (I hope it's alright that I relate her to Gabi if not I can change it)
Canon or Original: Original
Portrayed By: Tiffany Thornton
Brief Descriptions on Appearances: She's has wavy blonde hair, Brown eyes. She is about 5ft 2" and she fit into clothes that are UK size 8..
Birthday: September 11th
Parents Names: Sophia and Randy Montez
Siblings Names: She has an adoptive brother called Sam
School Name: Julliard
Originally From: She travel a lot and never stays anywhere longer than it takes to shot whatever it is she's in but she has spent a lot of her life in New York..
Major: Performing arts
Character History: She has lead a pretty sheltered childhood well as sheltered as you can get when your a child star. Savannah has been staring in commercials and TV shows since she could walk. She is now taking a four year break for the acting and TV circuit so she can get a degree which was something that he parents wanted her to do. In fact she started acting because of her parents. They had always been pushy with her. After Acting was just something her mother dreamed for Savannah but as the years grew on even though Savannah was being pushed into job after job after job she started to love acting. Due to her love of acting and the prestige of Julliard there was no way she was going to be going anywhere else. As she was always traveling she didn't really get the chance to see her family a lot but she's really close with her cousin Gabriella and they are always texting, calling each other and emailing.
Character Traits: She is pretty naive as to how the real world work because she's never really had the chance to have one because she's always been on the set for one thing or another. She can be pretty stuck up at time thinking she's the best but then again every girl can be like that sometimes. Savannah is really chatty and loves to meet new people. I guess that comes from the fact that when she was younger she was always moving to always meeting new people. She makes friends relatively easy but she never gets to close to them because she doesn't want to get hurt when she has to leave them behind. Then have been times when she has been known to go off the rail a bit and rebel but then again any teen does that at some stage so she's not really any different to them. Other than that she's a totally angel. She is sweet, kind, caring.. Though it would be advised not to get on her bad side because you'd never hear the end of it..
Relationship With Other Characters: I don't know if you would count her being really close to Gabriella as something to fit in here.
Any Additional Information: Umm Not sure what to put in here..

First Person Sample: I pulled into the car park, turn off the engine and got out of the car. When I got out of the car I paused for a moment just to look up at the building that was going to be my home for the next four years. I still cant believe I actually was able to come here. I didn't think that I would be able to get in because well my grades weren't exactly that good. I guess that comes from being on the road a lot. Though I think Gabriella would have killed me if I didn't get into college this year. I heard my phone ring, speak of the devil it was Gabriella "hey girl" I say.

Third Person Sample: Once Savannah got of off the phone to her cousin. She locked her car and made her way into the school. She was really excited, yet nervous about coming to the school. It was mainly because she hadn't ever really been away from her parents before. Yes, she had spent a lot of her childhood shooting commercial and TV shows but her parents had always been at her side. She took a deep breathe before making her way into the place she was going to be calling home. She looked all around but while she was looking all around she didn't spot that she was going to bump into someone and well she did. "I'm sorry" She told the blond boy she had just bumped into.

Let me know what you think
Accepted, please make a journal(unless this is the one you are just going to use for here) and post it here. And feel free to lurk around for awhile until you can get used to our role-playing style.
As I hate only playing one character i'm gonna make another

Name: Jen
Age: 16
State or Country & Timezone: UK, GMT
Yahoo: ihatetests
Email: If you want it you will have to ask me for it personally
Previous RP Experience: Loads..
Other Characters at this Comm: Savannah Montez

Name: Emily Isabella Moore A.K.A Bubbles
Canon or Original: Original
Portrayed By: Hilary Duff
Brief Descriptions on Appearances: http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Hilary-Duff-hilary-duff-58649_800_600.jpg
Birthday: December 25th
Parents Names: Harrison and Scarlett Moore
Siblings Names: Mandy (25) Hannah (19) Jude (Her twin) Chrissy (14) Zeke (11) Elizabeth (9) Daniel (4) Jenna (1)
Originally From: Malibu
Major: Musical theatre and Film Studies
Character History: Emily has a turbulent and violent childhood which leads to her not answering to her full name as it comes with bad memories. Though her siblings and her had a loving and steadfast relationship. Her father was a perfectionist who expected the best from his kids and enforced the rules with iron will. He did not see the daughters he had but only the ones he wanted. Emily was bullied badly at school and switched from school to school in search of happiness. As she as so many siblings she was only able to afford coming to Julliard on a scholarship
Relationship With Other Characters: Emily sometimes lives in her own little bubble where the world is a happy perfect place and everyone is nice. She does not trust strangers so much as giving her friends the benefit of the doubt over and over. She is fickle with her affection and tends to not notice any hurt she leaves behind her. Emma is outgoing and chatty with those she knows but can put on a front of painful shyness. She has a unique and interesting view on life which some people see as weird. She loves to experiment and is always trying new things. She is constantly on the move and has boundless energy. She is lively and good humoured. She is sweet and good natured. She loves to laugh and can find humour in almost any situation. Under pressure or when she gets stressed then she can fall into speaking Italian but mostly she speak fluent English. She wants the world to be a pretty place and is constantly trying to find news ways to help people and to beautify places. She is hard working and naturally intelligent. She is a romantic at heart and loves reading stories along those lines. She believes in magic and soul mates. Emily thinks worrying is pointless and you should just take life as it comes. Though this does not stop her worrying but it means she's thinks others shouldn't. She says life too short to argue and worry. She says have fun while you can. She is very into sports and after years of injury she has refined and become good at what she loves. She is usually full of life though gets bouts of being very tired and depressed. She is not afraid of just being who she is and says people should just take her as she is. She hates lying and rarely does it. She is bluntly and occasionally brutally honest. She is good humoured and filled with a loving warmth.
Any Additional Infomation:Has suffered from anorexia and constantly struggles not to slip back into it. Has a heart condition which means if she over exerts herself she will faint. If she faints for more ten minuets she could get brain damage. When she faints she needs a injection. Plus she must eat a certain amount.

First Person Sample: I looked all around. I was really excited about being here. I loved that I was from the strong will of my father. I did though miss Jude, he has always been with me and well now he isn't. Though he isn't all that far away he goes to NYU studying to her a major in Art.

Third Person Sample: Emily looked around the building she was in. She had no idea where she was meant to be going. As she had no idea where she was going she stopped what she was doing and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She then spotted someone that seemed to be by themselves. She made her way over to the small brunette wearing a hat.
Accepted, please make a seperate journal for Emily, also since we only have three males around here if it is possible can you make your next OC a male.
Oh Wow people! We even have a Sharpay now!!!! (and in reply to the message I had a wonderful Holiday!) Should I post a new journal or wit and see what happens? Welcome to everyone new!
Sounds great. I've already made a couple of new entries but still need to work on one for Chase.
Thank you for the loverly welcome... I can't wait for are charries to get to know each other
Name: Jen
Age: 16
State or Country & Timezone: UK, GMT
Yahoo: Read others for this
Previous RP Experience: Ditto read other charries for this
Other Characters at this Comm: Emily Moore and Savannah Montez

Name: Jona Takaya
Canon or Original: Original
Portrayed By: Zac Efron
Brief Descriptions on Appearances: Jona is officially gorgeous and though he claims otherwise he knows he will never have a problem getting a date. He is reasonably tall and muscular. This is usually shown off by the form fitting leather jacket he always wears. He has a never fading though soft tan. His body is scared from physical work and he is a lot stronger than he looks. His warm lopsided smile is always present and he knew just how to make a girl melt before him using that.
Birthday: December 3rd
Parents Names: Draco and Ashley Takaya
Siblings Names: Maribella (3) and Dougie (12)
Originally From: Texas
Major: Classical music and composition
Character History: He has had a relatively quiet home life. He couldn't believe that he got into Julliard because well it has had to have been the school of his dreams since he heard about it.
Character Traits: Jona's personality is very mixed and hard to directly define. Though he has a part of him which wishes to achieve and therefore pushes him to work hard and study he combines this was an ever present and almost infectious enthusiasm for life and a lively energy which seems to pour out of him into others. He throws himself into everything he attempts, and he is not afraid to try anything once, as he is determined to give life his all. In his words 'life be too darn short to be a wuss!' A bored indifference combined with an almost selfish attitude can prevail occasionally when he is very tired or one of the rare times he is annoyed. This is counter acted however by the sensitive and overly caring gentleness which shows through when he is happy, as he is most of the time. Jona has always, from a very little lad, been into sports and after many years of learning the hard way, with may breaks and bruises to prove it, he had refined his ability and become good at that which he loves. Jona is very talented singer and plays the guitar with ease and beauty. The music is as soft and incredible to listen to as his own accent. He is a very friendly guy and hanging around with mates is always top of his list. He loves to chat and could talk for hours even if no-one is listening, the only problem is people tend to get entranced by his voice and stop listening to the actual words. He has found his favorite sport bar rugby is archery and though he is not exceptional at it he is good enough to show of a minor amount and he has fun. Jona has kept it a secret for a long time from his mates as he does not wish to be teased but he loves long walks, preferably along the beach, simply contemplating life and enjoying the natural beauty that world has to offer. He paints in his spare time and though he has not much talent for it he does it enjoy which he feels is the main thing. He writes poetry and lyrics for his songs himself while he is out on his walks as nature inspires him, that and love. When he is not enjoying these past times and when he has some free time in his busy schedule he loves to help out on his dad's farm. He is a keen and talented horse rider and needs to be having grown up on the farm. He loves dogs and has numerous ones at home. He however can't take them on the road with him.
Relationship With Other Characters: None at the moment

First Person Sample: I stopped strumming my guitar. I had been playing the same chords over and over what had to have been the last twenty, thirty minutes. I was trying to write this piece of music that had just been bugging me for the past week. I had layed most of it down but it just felt like there was something missing to it.

Third Person Sample: Jona was sat under the shade of a tree strumming at his guitar. There was a little group of girl's sat near him and they kept looking over to him. To really get the girls going he started to singing softly "You are the only one in my heart, my love, You are my only and I will love you forever"
Accepted, but can you use some one other then Zac Efron to protray him, just in case we ever use Troy or any of the others. Otherwise it'll work. Please make journal and post it here.